How to Prepare for an on-site Appraisal Inspection

To prepare for an onsite appraisal inspection, there are several things to know. The appraiser visiting your property must be state licensed to perform appraisals prepared for federally related transactions. By law, your lender/client is required to provide a completed copy of the appraisal report.  The report you receive may come in digital format or as a hard copy depending on your lender.

​To assist in the appraisal process, it is beneficial to have certain documents and/or information available to share with the appraiser. 

  • A list of recent home improvements, updating, or upgrades and associated costs with receipts, if possible. 
  •  Any records on the purchase of the property for the last three years.
  • ​Written property agreements, such as maintenance agreements for shared driveways or wells.
  • ​Any inspection reports for termites, septic systems, and wells.
  • Information on Homeowners Associations or condominium covenants and fees.
  • ​Any paperwork, such as a title policy with information on encroachments or easements.

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Additional Helpful Tips:

⦁ Accessibility: Appraisers are very particular in their inspections. You should make sure that all areas of the home are accessible.  Most lenders require photographs of every room.
⦁ Housekeeping: Appraisers see many of homes a year and are no strangers to clutter, but they're human beings as well!  A good impression is always favorable. 
⦁ Maintenance: We generally recommend repairing minor things like missing door handles, damaged drywall, and trim. 
⦁ FHA and VA Inspection Items: If your borrower is trying to apply for either an FHA or VA loan, be sure to ask your appraiser if there are specific things that should be done before they arrive. Some items they may recommend might be:  install smoke detectors on all levels (especially near bedrooms), installing handrails on all stairways, ensuring there are electrical receptacles in every room and that each receptacle works, eliminating pull-chain lights in areas other than the basement or attic. FHA, VA, and USDA inspections require photos of the crawl space and attic space, so if this is the case make sure these areas are accessible.